Roy Detoyato, Data Controller II, System Analyst Designate, programmed the E-Queuing System using MS VB.NET client-end and MS-SQLServer as database backend.

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (April 20, 2015) – Roy Detoyato, Data Controller II also designated as systems analyst and leads the network architecture of the city, announced that the e-Queuing System is now ready for implementation and to be installed at the City Treasurer’s Office Collection Division, spearheaded by Leonarda Garingo, CTO-Collection Division Chief.

Detoyato re-programmed the system and provided enhancements and re-engineering based on the actual needs of the office and its staff. The system was developed previously by the ICTD trainees coming from different academic institution taking up either BS Computer Science or BS Information Technology. Sometime in 2014 the e-Queuing was already presented with the staff of CTO at the conference room of the City Mayor’s Office.

The main objective of the proposed system is the organized lining-up of clients in an orderly and effective manner through the use of technology. The system will generate priority numbers, distribute these numbers to clients on a first-come first-serve basis. ICTD computer hardware and software support services (CHSS) team will install a monitor within the collector’s area visible enough to the customer. Everytime a collector clicks the next customer button, a text-to-speech technology will be triggered (by the system) ‘announcing’ the priority number at counter assigned.

During the first development stage of the system as performed by the on-the-job students from Holy Trinity College of General Santos City, Mark Junnies Narido, Data Controller II, assisted the team in terms text-to-speech (TTS) technology while Leonard Pe, IT Officer I, ensured that the user’s data entry modules were properly designed for ease and practicality of usage.

Once the CTO can provide the complete hardware components of the system like wide monitor, speakers, printers and computers, the hands-on training will be facilitated by ICTD’s Quality Assurance Team headed by Anna Lou Buyco, Computer Programmer I. A pre-implementation activity will be conducted by the CHSS team leader, Roger Tura, Data Controller I, who will provide a checklist containing the completeness of the hardware and software needed to run the proposed system. E-Queuing System is included under Success Indicator 8.4 of the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) for 2015.

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