GENERAL SANTOS CITY (March 11, 2015) – An in-house developed Electronic Archiving System completely done by the Information and Communications Technology Division (ICtD) under the City Mayor’s Office is ready for installation at the City Assessor’s Office. On March 11, 2015 at the office of Leonardo Dinopol, Department Head of CASSO, the ICTD led by Percival Pasuelo, ICT Division Head, presented how the system can be implemented as soon as all requirements are met.

Mary Claudette Benatero, Computer Programmer I, with Charles Henry Lumba, Admin. Asst., showed the actual data entry of the e-Archiving System developed by Leonard Pe, IT Officer I in compliance with Republic Act 9470 or the National Archives of the Philippines Act of 2007.

On the other hand, Pasuelo discussed the processes how to effectively digitize documents using either a scanner or a digital camera. What is important is the implementation plan including the end-phase of the implementation or the hardcopy storage, that is, where to place the hardcopies post digitizing.

The system’s critical peopleware end-user support requires one digitizer, who will scan or photograph a hardcopy document, one circulating staff, who is in-charge of locating the files in various boxes or cabinets, bring these copies for digitizing. An encoder is needed to input records and embed the scanned image or images into the particular record. The verifier or validator plays a mission-critical role as he will be marking the record as officially validated or checked.

The process of validation is an internal control mechanism as suggested by the Commission on Audit and eventually adopted by ICTD in all the systems being developed and implemented. E-Archiving System is ready for installation anytime depending on the requestor’s hardware and peopleware compliance as required by ICTD.

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