GENERAL SANTOS CITY  (November 24, 2014) – Roy Detoyato, ICTD System Analyst, recommended to Percival Pasuelo, ICT Division Chief, to adopt the usage of tools in-line with the on-going strategies used by ICTD in developing and implementing different systems across the 23 departments of the Local Government Unit of General Santos City.

On November 24, 2014, Pasuelo issued an internal memo directing all assessment team players to use new methods in streamlining the system analysis and design. There are five (5) forms to be filled-up, namely:

  1. Business Process Form
  2. Data Services Form
  3. Application Services Form
  4. SIPOC Form or the Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Client
  5. Hardware Infrastrucutre Services Form

To standardize these new tools, it was officially launched by ICTD as the Business Information Protocols and Strategies (BIPS). All on-going system development (with requesting clients) that are still in the assessment phase and have not been reached the programming phase, must use the new strategy in asking the clients the right question. This guides the assessment team to ensure that no stones are left unturned during the discussion with the clients. This new method will streamline the manual to automated process efficiently and effectively.

These tools were culled from the Enterprise Architecture workshop attended by Mark Junnies Narido, Kent Nino Paler and Roy Detoyato at the DOST – ICT Office in Manila with John Macasio as resource speaker.

Currently, all assessment team members are embracing the new tools as directed.

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