GENERAL SANTOS CITY – Charles Alexis graduating student from Holy Trinity College of General Santos City Hilado, a BSIT partners with Maria Corazon Soriano – ICTD Lead Programmer of LCR’s Civil Registry Information System (LG-CRIS) for local government. Hilado receives technical training from Soriano in the maintenance and report programming system processes for enhancing the LG-CRIS. Generally the system is used to streamline the marriage, birth and death certificates of registrants. There were two previous versions of CRIS, the DOS-based CRIS and the Windows-based PhilCRIS both developed by the National Statistics Office or NSO. However

both developed by the National Statistics Office or NSO. However the local government needs to develop its own version of the system to cater to its local needs like the barangay-required registry reports in which both previous systems cannot generate. The newly developed in-house system can process the local required statistical reports and also the NSO-required reports for statistical purposes.

Hilado was able to fully understand the functionality of LCR thus he was able to assist ICTD in creating, editing and updating the LG-CRIS reports through the supervision of Soriano.

LG-CRIS is set for launching this coming September 1, 2014.

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