Dimple Fermase, Computer Programmer I, spearheads the Building Inspection and Permit Information System of the Office of the Building Official.

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (April 16, 2015) – Dimple Fermase, Computer Programmer I, completed the electronic government enterprise architecture through the finalization of BIPS or the Business Information Protocols and Services – an ICTD-drafted framework to ensure no stones unturned and asking the right question to the requesting office during the assessment phase of the development. The proposed system is included as one of the success indicators of ICTD in the 015 Departmental Plan under the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS). Flowcharts, Gantt charts, process maps and other questionnaire forms are all turned-in and ready for the system analysis and design phase this second quarter of 2015.

It is targeted to complete the system by December 2015. Programming, testing and quality assurance activities will take place sometime in the 3rd to 4th quarter of the current year.

Roy Detoyato, Data Controller II, system analyst designate will perform the analysis and design. Anna Lou Buyco and Irene Casipe will QA the user interface. On top of the user-level testing, Leonard Pe, IT Officer I, will test the system and QA the base codes to ensure an error-free system before user training takes place.

Fermase, who conducted the BIPS will also spearhead the programming and coding of the proposed Building Inspection and Permit Information System (LG-BIPIS) of the Office of the Building Office (OBO) headed by Engr. Juan Carlos Antonio Reyes.

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