GENERAL SANTOS CITY (April 15, 2015) – All set! As of today, the three success indicator (SI) targets under CHSS is done and ready for presentation to the project management team (PMT) scheduled on April 17, 2015 at the Family Country Hotel and Restaurant in Mateo Road, this city.

While the SysDev team’s five new systems for development are likewise on the proper track. Its first quarter performance hits its target numbers based on the standards of ICTD applying the system development life cycle (SDLC) and the Business Information Protocols and Strategies.

With the collaboration of each staff and the close monitoring and mentoring of the ICTD management from ground up, punctuated the outcome of this first quarter summation of accomplishments.

Irene Casipe, over and above her usual QA tasks and undertaking in computer programming, was able to diligently completed both the targets and accomplishments of the 2015 First Quarter SPMS Actual Accomplishments. She is directed by Percival Pasuelo, IT Officer II and ICT Division Head, ensuring that all SPMS parameters are reviewed correctly, loophole and error-free.

Deadline for the submission of accomplishment is before April 20, 2015 to the City Planning and Development Office. Review of targets is set on April 17, 2015.


The system covers the individual and corporate community tax computation. ICTD also proposed the roles of CTO staff especially the creation of Address Book functions and validation processes as internal control mechanisms required by the Commission on Audit. Soft copy policies are embedded within the system for easy retrieval as reference to be sued during discussion and when actual questions from clients may arise.

Policies will be reviewed by both offices focusing on the applicable interpretation of formulas and computation. In the event gray areas are encountered, it will be addressed affirmatively in the policy. Once this is cleared, enhancement of the system follows before presenting to the end users.

Target implementation is set on the third and fourth quarter of 2015 as included in the Strategic Performance Management System or SPMS of ICTD.

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