Photo taken at the Conference Room of the City Agriculturist’s Office on December 16, 2014 with all the staff present.

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (December 16, 2014) – After the operations review was conducted on December 5, 2014 at Del Rio Splash Resort in Koronadal City, more ideas and suggestions popup to enhance the current ICTD operations.

The strategic planning was facilitated by Percival Pasuelo, ICT Division Head, at the Conference Room of the City Agriculturist’s Office on December 16, 2014 with all the staff present. The following were presented to the staff for discussion, to wit:

Departmental Training Plan (DTP) coverage was researched extensively considering the role of ICTD which cuts across all the 23 departments and 10 divisions of CMO and its functionalities with internal antd external stakeholders. A continuous training or seminar must be attended by the ICTD staff to upgrade the knowledge and skillsets needed o address the requirement or request of all LGU offices in line with information technology development. Emerging technologies must be coped with.

Other Plans Suggested for 2015 Implementation:

Schedule of office supplies and computer hardware inventory is set every quarter.
Document Tracking System of ICTD is strengthened to monitor closely any type of correspondence.
PR Preparation is to be prepared in January according to its type which are distributed to different in-charge.
A team is created to make follow-up of all financial – related transaction using various logbooks for manual monitoring.
Updating of Fund Utilization Report is to use an effective third-party software for efficient monitoring.
DTR and Payroll Preparation is distributed to all staff
Travel Order Preparation
Cash Advance Preparation for Travel
Payment Preparation
Withdrawal of Supplies at GSO
Custodianship for Hardware/Office Supply/Documents
Leave Application
Attendance Sheet
OJT Orientation & Tasking

ICTD is a new office and after barely 18 months of operation, it is expected to improve its current operation to adjust to the actual need of the staff to provide better quality service to all its stakeholders. With a lot of processes to be enhanced, ICTD staff confirmed their commitment to the strategic plans for 2015 implementation.

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