GENERAL SANTOS CITY (December 1, 2014)– Mark Junnies Narido (Data Controller II) suggested to the ICT Division Head, Percival Pasuelo, to establish the second folder to contain additional budget for 2015 preparation of annual budget. In 2013, ICTD adopted “1121-1” as its budgetary account code in all the PR preparation, cash advances for travel, payroll and other ICTD expenses. From thereon, additioinal account codes were added through reversion approval. The budget spending was focused within the needs of ICT Division being a newly created office under the umbrella of the City Mayors Office. With the IT services of ICTD offered to all the 23 departments and 10 divisions of the City Mayors Office, the budget supposedly intended only for ICTD operation was divided to comply with other offices’ requests affecting and eventually decreasing the “buying power” of ICTD. This compelled the office to present the second folder containing the proposed budget in line with the services to other departments. On the other hand, Narido’s suggestion created a positive impact to ICTD’s operation as the 2015 budget proposal was approved during the budget hearing. Narido’s exposure in budget preparation can be traced back during his JO employment experience at the City Agriculturist’s Office as an all-around computer programmer – administrative assistant. With the approved 2015 budget, ICTD has no reason to slow down its operation as PMT rated ICTD individual performances as OUTSTANDING.

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