GENERAL SANTOS CITY (July 22, 2013) – Right after the eight regular staff of ICTD settled in their assigned office located at the former COSHERA Office at the first floor of YADO Building, Percival Pasuelo, IT Officer II and Division Chief, adopted the ADPIE Nursing Process, that is, Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Intervention and Evaluation used in care plans. He transformed it to a Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC which has seven (7) phases namely:

Pre-Assessment Phase
Assessment Phase
Systems Analysis and Design Phase
Programming Phase
Implementation Phase
Maintenance Phase
Replication Phase

Each of the seven phases is manned by different skillsets of ICTD staff independently working and collaboratively referring to each other to ensure successful project implementation. Project Managers can monitor the work in-progress with the specific function of each phase. Planning is critical before actual programming starts. Assessment is likewise as important as the other phases.

Weekly activities are listed in detail at each phase. These activities act as the work instruction to standardize the to-do list. This way any staff can perform the task by referring to the work instruction within the phase. According to ICT Division Head, “one of the objectives of SDLC is to set the idea that anybody can read and edit anybody’s program.”

At the end, ICTD can deliver the requested computer system with minimal to no errors at all because of the stringent process. However against this established work process, there were deliverables that encounter challenges as requestor did not provide complete information during the assessment phase.

All completed and on-going system underwent the SDLC process. During the pre-assessment phase, SDLC is discussed and highlighted to let the requestor know their responsibility before the formal start of the development.

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